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The Devotion of Suspect X: A Detective Galileo Novel - Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith I just finished this, then scoffed out loud and said "Whatever". I'm serious. There's no one else in the flat!

The story is blah, and I recognised a number of flaws in the writing from my own experience writing a novel this year (which I learned about and took out of my own book just to be clear! Oops... accidental rhyming sentences are definitely one of them) How many times do you ever say the word "chuckle"? How many times have you even heard a sound you could describe as a chuckle? All of a sudden you're writing a book and everyone's chuckling all the time, and you have no idea why. I'm looking at you too, Meyer. Whether or not that's a translation issue or a fault of the author I am not really interested enough to find out, but probably something to think about (stop rhyming!)

Why did I not read his goodreads bio? "Keigo Higashino is one of the most popular and biggest selling fiction authors in Japan—as well known as James Patterson, Dean Koontz or Tom Clancy are in the USA." hashtag(don't know how to do one on my mac)LFMF

This was a happy 2-star read for me though, it was a great Proustidote. Consider it when you want to learn absolutely nothing from a book and you can joyfully space out on a few pages. I think it's important to have books like that (why do I keep watching Breaking Bad?), but they're lowest of the low priority. I guess I do resent the tainting of The Holy Order of Out of which I am a devout follower, since this weepy pseudomystery is not even close to bleeding out of the same slit-open vein of Natsuo Kirino's albeit man-hating masterpiece.

Save this one for the beach, or let it wash up on the shore, I don't care.

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