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Los detectives salvajes - Roberto Bolaño No tengo ni idea que habia detras de esa ventana... Hay una respuesta? De eso estoy lo mas curioso jaja!

Pues, que libro mas bueno, me gusto mucho el estilo y que las vidas de todos eran mas interesante que el mio, ademas que eran mucho mas guays :D

Si tuviera una queja, seria que fue un poco largo, y como dije de [b:2666|63032|2666|Roberto Bolaño||3294830], el cambio del narrador me confundio y me decepciono un poco, como me interesaba tanto que tenia que decir el protagonista que empezo la historia... Sobre todo, uno de los libros que me he disfrutado mas este año, pero si esta basado en eventos reales, nunca habria querido encontrar ninguno de estes tipos!

I have no idea what was behind that window... is there an answer? That's what I'm most curious about haha!

Well, what an awesome book, I enjoyed the style a lot and that the lives of all the people were more interesting than mine and that they were much cooler than me :D

If I had a complaint, it was a bit long, and like I said of [b:2666|63032|2666|Roberto Bolaño||3294830], the change of narrator confused me and disappointed me a little, because I was so interested in what the first guy had to say that began the story... Overall, one of the books I have most enjoyed this year, but if it's based on true events, I would never have wanted to meet any of these people!

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