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Umbrella - Will Self Check this out. Who the hell is that? What happened to the pessimistic, narcissistic needlessly sesquipedalian ponce whose work we all wanted nothing to do with? Who is this relaxed, open and engagingly pleasant gentleman? Was it all a media persona? (I suspect not, I think he did use to be a prat, but he totally isn't anymore!)

This is the guy who wrote [b:Umbrella|12383443|Umbrella|Will Self||17364194].

So... like loads of great authors, [a:Will Self|13794|Will Self|] read [b:Ulysses|338798|Ulysses|James Joyce||2368224] and loved it if it weren't for all the incomprehensibility, thought 'I'll do that' and scale down the confusion. This happens so much that I think post-Ulysses is a genre in and of itself, an awesome one at that, but I hope that doesn't get coined cos the first half of this sentence is the most pretentious thing I've ever written ('in and of itself?' jeezo...) The result is a fantastic shuffle around London over years and consciousnesses. Because of the wideness of scope and subject, I think I'd be wasting my time and yours describing it more.

If you did watch the above clip, as for "everythingitis", could it be said that's one of the book's failings? It's too mammoth a task for 400 pages covering three time periods and myriad characters, to encapsulate the experience of London? Calm down dude, I think you've done enough.

I see a lot of negative reviews, which is odd. The book is pretty homogeneous, if you don't like page one it won't bloody grow on you, surely in this way I thought [b:Umbrella|12383443|Umbrella|Will Self||17364194] would weed out the readers who don't like it? Apparently not (not to worry, I am also a devout Booker sucker... Let's trust ourselves and read the first page before purchasing next time. Do I not trust myself to know whether I would like [b:Wolf Hall|6101138|Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1)|Hilary Mantel||6278354] or not? Why don't I just read a bit first? Ignore this it's just a mental note for the future haha!).

Drama, love, loss, rejection, even a quote of Azealia Banks' 212 on page 347, what the hell more do you want? Read it you fool, read it.

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