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The Soft Machine - William S. Burroughs If [a:E.L. James|4725841|E.L. James|] were a gay heroin addict... okay you get the point.

But there are some startling similarities. An affinity for a limited vocabulary, eroticising of stones (sand- for James, lime- for Burroughs)...

Neither of the two authors seemed to know anything about sex. Or how human beings normally interact. The flimsy character of one was hung, and the other hung most of his flimsy characters.

James taught me that the sight of black men makes you question your wardrobe (page, like... two?). Burroughs, um... well he didn't call them black men...

So yeah, I couldn't call which had the greater ability to offend, but I would certainly opt for Burroughs for a more realistic portrayal of a gentleman.

Still, I think they both inspired something.

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