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Things Fall Apart (Penguin Modern Classics)

Things Fall Apart (Penguin Modern Classics) - Chinua Achebe Always a book I was going to read after undergoing Heart of Darkness in school.

For all the huuuuuge books I've read this year, this one took me a lot longer than I expected. It can take you a while to adjust to a world where the simple details of life in the tribe are treated with as much straightforwardness as drinking out of human heads and genital mutilation. However, once you take the time to understand the way of life, you will see the hypocrisy of attempts at "civilisation", which can't help but force western values where they just don't fit.

I feel that I really learned a lot from this novel, but I have to take a star off for it being one of the most profoundly un-fun books I have read in a long time. The plain reportage style of the narration was an understandable choice, but it makes for a very dull read.

If you think you have the time to read this novel, I certainly think you should. A slim book, but by no means a quick read.

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