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Infante's Inferno

Infante's Inferno - G. Cabrera Infante So my dad just came back from Havana, he really did, just got back from having dinner with him. I said, 'I'm reading this book, maybe you want to read it when I'm finished? It's a bit like a memoir of life in Havana.'
My dad opened up one page, read a line, wrinkled his nose. Flicked to another page, read a line, wrinkled his nose. Read the blurb, frowned.
'Where did you find this?'
'Well I saw it had rave reviews, and I was enjoying it but-'
'This book is trying too hard.'

This book is trying too hard. I enjoyed the 50 pages I read, honestly they were really good. But each page was the same. Do I want to read that same page I enjoyed 50 times 400 more times? Eh, have you seen the books waiting for me on my shelf?

F**k this book! I've got things to read :D

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