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The Rag: Winter/Spring 2013

The Rag: Winter/Spring 2013 - Seth Porter,  Dan Reilly,  Ronda Rutherford The first I read.

Did I like it? Yes.
Would I read it again? Yes.

Some good stories in it:

- Memento Mori by Stefanie Demas- Murakami-esque necrophilia (!!)
- Not Giving to the Alumni Fund by David Blanton- The seductive life of crime for Halo fanboys
- The Girl with Pretension in Her Hair by Bill Lytton- London people watching (and judging and hating)

And per author, there are not hugely noticeable changes in the style- that’s a good thing I think, the stories are well-curated and the magazine has a clear voice.

I don’t know how avoidable this is, or how useful it is to say, but it was occasionally too American for me. If you say mid-west, if you say Illinois, nothing is communicated to me, in which case it needs to be a bit more instructive.

Regardless, lots of exciting punchy stories from mostly new young writers- perhaps that’s always going to be a risk or perhaps not. New writing can be better crafted and more urgent than the stuff of the previously published.

Check it out.

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