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Voltaire's Adventures Before Candide: And Other Improbable Tales

Voltaire's Adventures Before Candide: And Other Improbable Tales - Martin D. Gibbs I was invited to review this book since I had read ‘the sequel’, and I must say it shed some frightening light on [b:Candide|372635|Candide (Unabridged)|Voltaire||2833018]. How dare [a:Voltaire|5754446|Voltaire|] offer us something so calm when this true testament to his life was so much more exciting?!?!?! I mean, Candide visited like… one planet, as I recall, and it was the one he was already on. Voltaire on the other hand, visited somewhere within the range of 2 to a f**kton. For example. An he did a whole load of other stuff too, like he went on an adventure to find [b:Jane Eyre|10210|Jane Eyre|Charlotte Brontë||2977639] (the one who wrote Wuthering & Prejudice) an other stuff what I won’t even tell you about it because you’ll have to read :D

Great daft fun.

If somebody put Zombie [a:Kurt Vonnegut|2778055|Kurt Vonnegut|]’s hands in a blender, he’d probably have written something like this, and personally, I can think of no higher praise.

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