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The Second World War - Antony Beevor This book is great, and it's about the most compact complete story of The Second World War there's going to be, I reckon.

You get a really strong sense of how quickly it all happened, how panicky everyone was and how completely unprepared we must have felt, and how futile it was too. The narrative jumps between grand descriptions of entire battles and snapshots of the lives of individuals given by quotes or other details, but it all the time feels like a very natural progression, which is difficult to pull off.

Of course, some parts of the book made me think that I wanted to know more, but that's for me to do by myself, because otherwise this book would start growing outwards, pushing other books off the shelf before the shelf finally collapses.

So yes, incomplete, but it was always going to be, and otherwise an astounding story, told as it staggers sections of history climbing forwards through the war, jumping between countries.

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