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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell I know lots of people like this book, and far be it from me to take that away from them.

So, the remainder of the review will be spoilered, because even if you don't agree with me, a stray bitter comment can sometimes stick to the memory of a favourite book. All of this is just my impression of a book that wasn't really for me anyway!

There's two responses to someone's opinion on a book which are too easy:
1. That was the point.
2. I don't think you really understood it.
Notice that they are contradictory and could probably interject a review anywhere.

Well, that being said, I really don't like fantasy or science fiction for the sake of it, if it doesn't have anything interesting to offer about society or the like (not that Mitchell didn't try) so it wasn't a good fit for me from the beginning. Although I did choose it deliberately because it's not really for me, also the cover is shiny and it cost two pounds.

A very generous two stars. I enjoyed the first half of Tim's story, so really it should be 5*(1/12). (2!)

The whole six story angle created the illusion of depth but I didn't really think there was any (2!). Not only that, but when I reached the second half of each story, I'd forgotten what was going on, so all the suspense wore off. I really lost it when one of the characters started laughing at the birthmark connection between the stories, because I didn't buy it either- I felt like Mitchell was not only calling me too stupid to interpret the connection but also telling me it was crap anyway (1! 2!). Starting to pine for those two pounds mate (2!).

Also, I found his choice of influences a bit transparent, and at one point there was a character arguing that it didn't matter that his story wasn't original, as if he knew I was going to see where he got his ideas, but he was damn well going to recycle them anyway! Take that, reader! (22222!)

It was worth a shot :-)

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