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2666 - Roberto Bolaño Four and a half stars, and it's not five stars because I'm a loser.

First of all, I thought it was too long, but I also read it too fast.

Secondly, I loved the first story the most and I never got over the fact that those characters never come back again! What happened with all the love triangleness and mystery? But both of these are my issues, really.

That said, then, this book is great. Twisty, bizarre, digressive, creates its own world where the history sort of tails off. Again, at first I found this really frustrating. "It's not a technique to leave your bloody story unfinished!" Then I thought about it, and yeah, it is (if you're clever, mind), because then it starts to feel more real. And anyway, the real life happenings that it mirrors are unfinished...

Conclusion: great, tough, find time for it if you can and read it slooooowly, then tell me what you thought.

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