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The Satanic Verses - Salman Rushdie Finally, when all the controversy has died down, this book can finally be what it is, which is not that great.

Rushdie's convoluted style allows him to get away with a lot. The worst?

He's tries to show off so much, which actually makes him seem kind of childish, like he's trying to impress his readers with how well-read he is, and his poor characters become pawns in this act, sporadically quoting Lucretius, [a:Ovid|1127|Ovid|]'s [b:Metamorphoses|1715|Metamorphoses|Ovid||2870411], [b:Othello|12996|Othello|William Shakespeare||995103], [b:Pale Fire|7805|Pale Fire|Vladimir Nabokov||1222661], [b:The Odyssey|1381|The Odyssey|Homer||3356006], [b:Faust|14706|Faust (First Part)|Johann Wolfgang von Goethe||16721] (and oh boy! more!), despite previously having any inclination towards such works, as if I could walk around London and (presuming they didn't think I was crazy) get some banter on the go with people in the street about Ovid. OH YEAH HIM. AND THOSE OTHERS. TOTALLY. LOVE THEM [1].

Better than that, he didn't quote [a:Pynchon|235|Thomas Pynchon|] anywhere, I guess because he could be considered lowbrow, even although when you strip away that thick skin of pretention, he was the one you were stealing from the whole time! And like I said of [b:The Corrections|3805|The Corrections|Jonathan Franzen||941200], if you're going to steal from a good author, steal harder next time please.

Honestly, even if it didn't have to compare to [b:Midnight's Children|14836|Midnight's Children|Salman Rushdie||1024288] (and it does) and I do sympathise that it's pretty difficult to escape that book's gravitational pull.

Hm, well best not to quote [b:Pale Fire|7805|Pale Fire|Vladimir Nabokov||1222661] mate. You made me wish I was reading that for the first time instead (but thanks for needlessly explaining the plot for me).

It's age-old good versus evil. Easy. How did it end up like this?

[1] This is a trait I also found in [b:Fahrenheit 451|4381|Fahrenheit 451|Ray Bradbury||1272463], where it was even more inappropriate! "Yeah the firemen have to burn all the books, but it's totally okay for this guy to have read some in the past and quote stuff, except it's totally forbidden to read any of them..."

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