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Atlas Shrugged - Leonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand A dystopian engineering thriller about people who hate people? It's the book I was born to read baby!

That's to say I genuinely enjoy reading [a:Ayn Rand|432|Ayn Rand|]'s stories. We both love industry, and she's the only author I know of who can get as excited about it as I can, but I really hope it goes without saying that her writing ability and philosophy are tripe. [1]

And it's really set people back a lot. So many other decent books that I can think of have been uncomfortable journeys for the author, who ultimately create a stories about how we don't love enough, how selfish we are and how wrong that is.

I find it tough to see out of my own head how I fit into the bigger picture in order to make myself and others happy by having us all get along, the easiest option is always to make myself happy and hope the rest all works itself out, but that's really not the way to be. So what a relief it would be for someone like me to hear one single book, amongst a mass telling me to be empathetic, that says forget other people! Those instincts were totally right, be a d*ck. But she's just plain wrong.

The problem is, I sympathise with her, and in interviews if you try hard to listen objectively (lawlz) she does have some good points. The problem is that she says it's all or nothing, absolute subscription to her philosophy or complete rejection of it, you can't incorporate the good elements into some other broader-thinking political structure, so what do you do? You tell her to go do one.

This review by Whittaker Chambers explains it better than I could, and in one line tells us why logistically, objectivism will never work:

"[We would not] place much confidence in the diagnosis of a doctor who supposes that the Hippocratic Oath is a kind of curse."

Or, if you like, this video does a pretty good job too!

[1] Okay it's bothering me a little that I wrote this. Actually, I think she has some, SOME, good ideas, and if people adopted some of the ideas of Objectivism properly, you'd hardly notice. The only problem is, either in this or [b:The Fountainhead|2122|The Fountainhead|Ayn Rand||3331807] two characters are having a discussion (in typical Rand children-acting-the-nativity-scene-level-of-flow dialogue) making it very clear that you do not adopt some of the ideas of Objectivism, you adopt all or none of them. So... clearly it's none. I'm not going to live my life based on the ideas of a woman whose first draft of a character felt he could own a woman and "would be justified in raping her".

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