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Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Richard Pevear, Larissa Volokhonsky I totally read all the words that are between the two covers of this book. What? Wikipedia summary? I didn't check the Wikipedia summary to see how it ended and abandoned it, how dare you!

Sorry? Do I agree with [a:James Joyce|5144|James Joyce|] that it's an odd name for a book that seems to have little to do with either crime or punishment, that it's not the best book ever written? O-Of course not! Exclamation mark! Prostitute! Hyperbole!

Could this be the consequence of first Dostoyevsky love? Will I never get over the greatness of [b:The Idiot|12505|The Idiot|Fyodor Dostoyevsky||6552198]? You're pretty good at this game...

What can I say? I was saving this for when I was more mature and could really appreciate it, and now know that I should have read it when I was younger. Yeah, it's impressive that you can still feel the passion of the words, but it's also bloody exhausting. As for social realism, hmm... 19th century Russia must have been a scary place to live, what with all citizens throwing themselves under a bus, off rooftops, into rivers, "ahhh! Ahhhh!! AHHHH!!"

1. Plot point.
2. Characters deliberate over every circumstance leading up to plot point, in their mind during plot point, how horrible plot point is, what should have happened instead of plot point and what it says about society as a whole.
3. After 100 pages, go back to 1.

At least Dostoyevsky has the sense to play out his social realism through his characters' conversations, unlike [a:Tolstoy|128382|Leo Tolstoy|] who reminds me of a Jehovah's witness: 'Excuse me sir, I'm a narrator, do you have a moment to hear about the glory of Russian farming equipment?" -_-

I feel tired. But now that I totally read all those pages, I can totally start reading [b:The Satanic Verses|12781|The Satanic Verses|Salman Rushdie||1434467] instead, right now, WOOHOO!!

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