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Cosmopolis - Don DeLillo 3* for the combination of technical greatness + humour - occasionally stupid metaphors - originality.

Some thoughts:

- I read this story when it was called [b:American Psycho|28676|American Psycho|Bret Easton Ellis||2270060].

- I read this story when it was called [b:The Stranger|49552|The Stranger|Albert Camus||3324344].

- [a:Haruki Murakami|3354|Haruki Murakami|] can describe something in a way which gives you a beautiful insight into the many possible ways you may re-imagine the reality around you.[a:Don DeLillo|233|Don DeLillo|] does it because "F**k it, probably no one's said that before."

- Of all the books I have read in a while, this one stands out the least for "let's make a film of it."

- Cos here's the pitch: R-Patz dicks about for a bit, bangs chicks.

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