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In the Miso Soup - Ralph McCarthy, Ryū Murakami I write novels in my spare time- well, I've written one that's finished, and a pretty decent draft of a second one- you won't get any annoying updates from me though, there's plenty of that abound, and I'll be really careful to find the right audience and not bother anyone else...[1] Okay, it's been said somewhere, good [2].

What's my point though? Well... you can totally write about anything. I know you know this, but ANYTHING. Short stories about an alcoholic teacup. Microscopic space opera.

(These totally genius ideas are yours for free btw, and if you like them, stay tuned for what I actually chose to write about!)

What's my point though? Haha! So you can write about anything, and that's great but also hugely overwhelming somehow, and then you come across a book which is so well put together and with such a clear vision it makes you say "Ah! I know what I want. I want to have written that." That's what I felt when I read Miso Soup.

Sure, the cutaways and the drawn-out grander social messages are distracting and unnecessary, but... if only for the mood. If only because... you enter that world, and it's disgusting, dark, pessimistic, but you're not here, you're there, in the paper! And how rare is that? And what a test of good writing that is? What more needs to be said? And more questions?

And [a:Murakami|8881|Ryū Murakami|] pirouettes dangerously near the [b:American Psycho|28676|American Psycho|Bret Easton Ellis||2270060][3] line of what's cool to put in a book, and it's really effective.

Plus it's short. So, whatever, read it.

[1] Can you tell I'm young and idealistic? How long do you give it, a month? :D
[2] Please don't let my reviews be any indication of my writing ability! Or if you like them, do :D
[3] Dude, get help.

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