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Weep, Grey Bird, Weep

Weep, Grey Bird, Weep: The Paraguayan War 1864-1870 - Roger Kohn The war is an incredible story in itself, told well by Kohn, who has obviously done a lot of research to produce this book.

The 4 stars are mostly for the shocking events and quotes from the war, and not necessarily for the book's content, which is marred a little bit by some cheesy asides from the author, with powder keg metaphors and talk of God abandoning Paraguay. Also, there are just too many embarrassing spelling mistakes, even in the blurb on the back! I'm not sure why it was self-published since the story is so detailed and carefully told... No, not all authors self-publish because they have to, but the overall appearance and content of the book is just a bit rushed and unprofessional.

That said, I found this book fascinating, and I hope it will not be seen as pure military history as it reads much better as a deplorable real-life human drama.

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